September 4, 2019


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At this point, you’ve most likely picked a date, a location, and scheduled your session, but you’re probably questioning what you should wear?! I know from experience that this can be even more stressful than actually booking your session, right? Hopefully, this post will guide you in a clearer direction with choosing outfits, colors, and you might be surprised at a few tips I have to ease the process!

  1. Think about the location. Where have you booked or thinking about booking your session? Consider the color scheme of the location.
  2. Decide on a color palette. Pinterest is my best friend when it comes to this, and it’s a great place for inspiration! Wanna know my advice? NEUTRAL. Choose a neutral color palette with maybe 1-2 pops of muted color. Bright colors like hot pink, neon, etc tend to cast a colored shadow on your skin and it’s not very flattering. Check out these examples of color palette’s below:

color-trends-2020-caramel-interior-design (15)Amazing color palette that you actually can use in the real life #color #colors #green #emerald #neutralNeutral Cozy Palette. Add a little rose gold & a little less green... possibilitydark teal, ochre, olive green, blonde wood, russet brown, black and white, paint palette

Still can’t decide? Start with white. White photograph’s beautifully!

3. Start with one person’s outfit. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when starting to plan all the outfits at once, and understandably so! If you own something you love, or purchased something you love, start there. It’s usually easiest to start with yourself because you’re probably doing the shopping!

4. Don’t dress everyone the same. It’s one of the biggest mistakes I see in family portraits. It’s tempting, but everyone ends up looking a little flat. Check out these examples (these aren’t my images).

5. Plan before you shop. This will save you time and money! Don’t just go shopping. Check online first as some of your favorite stores to see what they have. This is a good way to check back colors and styles with what you may already have on hand. Also, shop in advance!

6. Dress up, not down. I know, I know. Your style might be more casual, and that’s fine but try to take it one level up. Dressing up will bring your images to the next level! You will look more high end, your images will look more luxurious, and you’ll feel more confident.

7. Treat yourself. If you can afford it, I highly recommend getting your hair, makeup, or both done (if it’s not something you’re already good at). It brings your images to the next level, and makes you feel more confident. However, go to someone you trust or was highly recommended. You want to love your new look!

8. Don’t be afraid to bring props. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It could be simple things like a bouquet of flowers from Trader Joes or your dog! Don’t overthink it.



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